Artist Residency in Taiwan, 2012.
Artist residency in Taiwan, 2012.
Sanshia Temple, Taiwan
"Trace Elements" solo exhibition at Tainan National University for the Arts, Taiwan. March, 2012
"Trace Elements"  alternate view
"Trace Elements" alternate view
House with Ling-jiao/ Taiwan Markers Series
Refuge/ Taiwan Marker Series
"Trace Elements" alternate view
"Wood-fired Kiln: A Catalyst for Collaboration" group exhibition at the Springfield (MO) Art Museum
Springfield Art Museum exhibition
Springfield Art Museum exhibition
Springfield Art Museum exhibition
 My piece "Different Journeys" is displayed by the far wall. It is framed in this view by work from Priscilla Mouritzen (left, in vitrine) and Jeff Johnston.
Springfield Art Museum exhibition
Springfield Art Museum exhibition
Springfield Art Museum exhibition
Wood- fired Landscapes symposium, Goteborg, Sweden
Nina Hole and Dick Lehman
 Zach Tate, symposium co-cordinator, and Craig Hartenberger, in Goteborg. These two former MO State clay students have gone on since this 2012 photo to do many great things in the clay world.
 Zach Tate, co-coordinator of the symposium, working one of several wood kilns fired at Naas castle kiln complex.
Visiting artist residency at Dunhuang Creative Center, Lanzhou City University, Lanzhou, China
 Lanzhou City and the Yellow River (Huang He) from White Pagoda Mountain.
 Plying the busy streets of Lanzhou.
 Two colleagues from the residency. On the left is Keaton Wynn, Creative Director of the Dunhuang Creative Center and Professor Art at Georgia Southwestern State University. On the right is Patsy Cox, Professor of Art at Cal State University- Northridge. We are investigating small shops at a temple complex in Lanzhou City.
 A sculpture that references a variety of objects I became familiar with one my journey there including Chinese Yo-yos, stupas, bao-zi, and tomb guardian pots.
 One of my sculptures from our group exhibition Post Painted Pottery Culture at Lanzhou City University. This piece references the goat skins rafts that have been used on the Yellow River for centuries.
 A sculpture that references similar objects from the previous stacked piece.
 Working in the studio alongside fellow visiting artist Priscilla Mouritzen.
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